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Deep Tissue Massage focuses on reaching the deeper layers of muscles and fascia. Working at both emotional and neurological levels, Deep Tissue Massage retrains the brain to release muscle tension and allow the overall body to relax and restore balance. 

A holistic view of health considers that your mind, body and vitality are indivisible and interdependent. Stress and emotions can have major impacts on your physical body. On the other hand, taking care of your body will help your mind feel superb. 

This treatment is particularly good if you're feeling tired, stressed, anxious or just generally tight from a long flight or from a busy week.

Although longer time will be spent on areas of your body that hold more tension (e.g. shoulders, neck or lower back), the aim of this treatment is to work on your body in its entirety. This approach stimulates your own natural self-corrective capabilities to regain a full health and function (homeostasis). 

A Holistic Deep Tissue Massage can be very powerful and invigorating. The benefits of this treatment are: improved body functioning, loss of pain, greater mobility, reduction of stress and anxiety, improved sleeping pattern and more enjoyment of life.

The intention of a Holistic Deep Tissue Massage is to give your entire body and mind a deep, relaxing and invigorating treatment. Therefore it lasts 90min.

Is Deep Tissue Massage painful?

It is intense but not painful. Most people report experiencing a 'good pain'. We all react differently, therefore I always adapt the pressure to your disposition and preference. I will always use a blend of deep and superficial techniques. The lighter strokes will relax and prepare the tissues before the deeper techniques are applied.

I'm not sure which treatment I should book, Sports or Holistic Deep Tissue Massage?

The intention of Holistic Deep Tissue Massage is to give your entire body a deep, firm and relaxing treatment as sometimes the best massage approach is the overall body massage to get you fully revitilised. On the other hand, during a Sports Massage treatment I will concentrate on some specific body areas that cause you problem (e.g. shoulder pain, hamstring injury, or lower back pain.